We appreciate how amazing it is to work with animals and realise that we offer some fabulous facilities. This means we are very popular with people looking for jobs or work experience and we receive several queries each week and you can help us to help you by following some friendly advice …

Work Experience (inc summer placements, etc)
  • We do not accept ANY work experience application unless you’ve completed our application form
  • Do  let us know what areas you are interested in (veterinarian, nurse, rehababilitation or admin position?) so that we can direct your query to the relevant person.
  • Do tell us whether you are looking for a limited time period such as a week or month during school holidays or a regular day release a week from college
  • Don’t ask your family or friends to contact us on your behalf, if you are passionate to get work experience you need to contact us yourself.
  • Do come with an open mind and be enthusiastic – you will spend time cleaning and tidying, however everyone in the practice is involved in cleaning and sterility maintenance each day – there is a lot of work to maintain the standards required for a veterinary practice.


Trainee Nurse Placements

We are a nurse training practice and believe our nursing team and facilities offer a fantastic opportunity, however we have very limited positions and we would expect you to have completed work experience with us previously.  Please do not contact us for a nurse placement if you are not known to the practice.


Qualified Veterinary Surgeons and Nurses

We always have things in the pipeline and look for like minded and enthusiastic people so please feel free to send a covering letter and cv to see what vacancies we have available.


Regardless of position we would expect you to come in and meet us before you were given the opportunity to come to the practice.

We can not accept any requests for placements from people that send us messages via social media, if you are interested in a placement with us you can contact us by email at info@mochdrevets.co.uk or telephone on 01492 546112 and ensure you tell us exactly what you are interested in so we can direct you to the relevant person.


Consultation Times (by appointment only)

Monday – Friday 08:00 – 20:00
Saturday 09:00 – 12:00
Sunday 10:00 – 13:00


Mochdre Vets is the trading name for Heywood and Heywood Limited
and is registered in England and Wales. Registered Number 10654839.
Registered Office Williams House, Conway Road, Mochdre, Conwy.  LL28 5HE.