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Sarah Holmes Veterinary Practice, Mochdre, North Wales

Llandudno Vet Sarah Holmes has worked in North Wales practices since qualifying in 2004, she is delighted to open her own practice, Mochdre Vets, a state of the art Veterinary and Hydrotherapy Centre located on Conway Road, Mochdre, Colwyn Bay has been designed to offer everything to care for your pet and improve their quality of life.  We believe that working with you to get the best for your pet is the key to a happy pet.

Hiya, thanks ever so much for Amy and Lucy’s taster session today. They loved it. Gwenan was extremely good with them, especially Amy. She showed no fear towards Amy, so her session was very successful.

I was really impressed with her knowledge regarding her physio treatment towards Molly. Mollydog had a great relaxing massage, and Gwenan found some muscle knots in her back legs, which I hadn’t realised were there, so she’s shown me how to massage her to help them reduce.  I would certainly score Gwenan with 10/10. Most definitely recommend her services too.

Susanne Roberts, Molly, Amy and Lucy 

“Thank you Sarah for Snoopy’s trial swim. I was 95/5% against her getting in the pool. To be fare auntie Gwenan wasn’t so sure as well. What a moment after a little paddle she was off. Aged 15, how wrong was I! Auntie Gwenan’s face says it all & it brought a little tear to my eye as well. The old saying you are never too old, my little mermaid!”

Snoopy and Mrs Mack 

Words cannot adequately express our thanks, gratitude and admiration to Sarah and all the team at Mochdre Vets for the professionalism, care, compassion and skill in responding to our very special dog Sally when she was suspected and found to have a serious medical condition. Understanding that it was very serious and the odds were very high we could lose her, Sarah and all the team responded in the way you can only hope, not just the major operation, but the following critical 24 hour care. Sarah and the team also took great trouble providing care to the distressed humans.

We now have Sally back, and in full normal cantankerous form running the home and organising the humans. Happiness has returned! Thank you all so much. We are so lucky to have you all close by.

Sally, BiBi and their humans – Lizzie & Chris 

Theo spent 10 days at the vets and Auntie Sarah even took him home, we were updated daily with pictures, phone calls and text messages so we felt re-assured and relaxed the whole time ...

... Sarah’s heart lies with making the animal better.

Dawn and Theo 

It’s an amazing place – the facilities and finish are akin to a luxury spa and the care, assessment and treatment plan so professional but really friendly too which is so important. Both girls are wonderful. Haven’t experienced a water treadmill before. What a bonus for the area along with that incredible pool. Lovely to see a longtime dream become a reality.

Wishing Sarah and the team all the very, very best.

Melanie and Zayni 

Amazing plan and such a great vets! Thanks for making us feel so welcome.

Julie Edwards and Snoopy 

Just a short note to say thank you for the latest treatment for Lucy, who as you know is a very hard dog to find something that works on her stiffness of her hind quarters and back area. She doesn’t seem to respond well to painkillers and the laser therapy didn’t seem to help her as it did with Coco.

But the acupuncture seems to have made a great positive difference to her, she is walking much better, she is standing much straighter and her back end seem to be a lot better i.e. she’s not wobbling as much as she has been for the past couple of years. And she seems to enjoy the treatment itself which in itself is a miracle for Lucy.

Once again many thanks for suggesting acupuncture which has definitely made a huge difference to her quality of life.


I have looked at your website and I am so excited! We will 100% be using you as our vet. I am so so passionate about the use of alternative therapies alongside veterinary treatment and it is just totally brilliant to have such a progressive practice in North Wales.

I have spent the last 7 years driving about 2-3 hours from my house to access things like underwater treadmill, physiotherapy, McTimoney and massage and trying to explain to vets that my dogs are athletes and need to access these things to keep them in peak condition and prevent injury even if they are currently fit and healthy!

Claire Hitchins owner of agility dog Flic 

For the past months Misty has gone twice a week for water treadmill and been on a strict exercise routine.  What can I say but WOW! After the first month I had a happy puppy enjoying playing bitey face with her annoying bro. Her sitting stance was a lot better and with the extra exercises she was putting more weight on her leg. She has continued twice weekly with the water treadmill and loves it even wanting to go back in rather than have a shower at the end. She greets Abbie and Gwenan with licks and drags us up to it. She returned to agility on micro. As she came in all the group who had not seen her commented on how her whole body shape had become stronger and leaner.  Moo was home she was so happy to be back doing what she loves.

Alison and Misty Moo 

Baggio is our 13 year old Staffy and the oldest member of the family. When he first met everyone at Mochdre vet, he couldn’t walk properly due to the pain on his joints. Soon after he finished his laser treatment we joined the health plan - he was one of the first members 😊! Since then (six months ago), Baggio started hydrotherapy, monthly had two health checkups with Sarah, who kindly designed and reviewed a medication plan, helping him to be pain-free! He also learned to swim really well with Abbie who was really patient around his determination of NOT TO SWIM - ahahah! I feel that offering his opportunity was the best thing we could do for Baggio at this stage of his life! He is happy - flee and warm free - pain managed - exercised and most importantly very well looked after and loved by the whole team!

Thank you all!

We hope that our experience may benefit others choosing to join the health plan! After six months within the plan I must say that this was the best choice we made for Baggio.

Cristina and Baggio 

Mochdre Vets

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non evasive treatment of pain, inflammation and accelerates healing.


We are the first veterinary practice in North Wales to offer qualified hydro therapists, a hydrotherapy pool and an underwater treadmill with dedicated specialist consults.


Physiotherapy uses a range of different therapeutic techniques to deliver a tailor made rehabilitative program for your animal.  Mochdre Veterinary Practice is one of the first in North Wales to have an on site fully qualified animal physiotherapist.

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