Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic

We are delighted to have been awarded the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine) Cat Friendly Clinic Gold standard, the highest rating available.

The ISFM is an International Charity that setup their Cat Friendly Clinic programme to help address the unique needs of our pet cats and helps us as a practice to make your pets visit less stressful.



Mochdre Vets is Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic!

Gone are the days when it was acceptable in veterinary medicine to treat a cat like a small dog.  As a profession we know many diseases in cats that can be related to stress so designed our practice to minimise the stress to our cat clients as much as possible. In 2019 we were awarded Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic by the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine), the highest standard available, this is unique to us in the area and we are only the second practice in North Wales to receive it.


What we offer
  1. There is a truly a separate cat and dog waiting area. Two rooms separate the dog waiting room and cat waiting room to allow cats to be completely away from the dogs. The cat waiting room is designed to be smaller and darker and there are tables specifically to put your cat baskets on, (as it has been shown to be stressful to cats to see feet walking towards them when they are in baskets). In the waiting room and at reception are towels and blankets if you want to cover your cat carrier and make it darker for them (please just ask the friendly reception staff).
  2. There is a cat only consulting room which is designed to be smaller and less threatening. By being cat only it won’t smell of dogs. (it is easy to find just follow the black cat!)
  3. We have Catty hour where we run cat only consult blocks purrfect for non emergencies and means that the amount of dogs and other animals present will be reduced.
  4. Our cat only ward is fitted with state of the art Cat condos so if your pet has to stay with us again they are provided with state of the art accommodation to help reduce the stress of staying. We also use pheromones and actively encourage owners to visit.
  5. Our staff regularly undergo cat specific continual progressive development and training.  In 2019 Rhian completed her ISFM Cat Friendly Veterinary Receptionist exam.
  6. We offer FREE Cat Clinics every Monday.  If you need advice on behaviour, introducing a new arrival and what to expect or anything else kitty related then please contact the practice to book your free consult.
  7. Between the staff we are the proud owners of 11 different feline friends

Cat Condo's

Our “Cat Condo’s” have 4 different rooms with different levels for your cat to sit in, they can hide if they like and there are no bars to make them feel trapped.


Clive is the practice manager, he lives here and if you’d like to meet him just ask at reception as he does like a cuddle.

Cat only waiting and consult room

Kitties have their own dedicated waiting area and consult room


Grumpy Uli as we know her was rehomed with her late sister Mojo and the pair of them were Sarah’s first cats


This is Salty (or Mr Salt as we know him).  He is #5 of our rescue cats …


This is the wonderful, beautiful Mojo who is sadly no longer with us and we miss her greatly, she was recued with her sister Uli and they were our first cats x


Fidget is often the face of our website so you will have seen her before!


Maggot is the baby of our bunch, even though he was born in 2011.  He is the one eyed kitten that has never grown up!


This is Jessica, who became known as Creepy due to her long skeletol limbs and the way she would lie behind you and grab you when you weren’t expecting!

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non evasive treatment of pain, inflammation and accelerates healing.


We are the first veterinary practice in North Wales to offer qualified hydro therapists, a hydrotherapy pool and an underwater treadmill with dedicated specialist consults.


Physiotherapy uses a range of different therapeutic techniques to deliver a tailor made rehabilitative program for your animal.  Mochdre Veterinary Practice is one of the first in North Wales to have an on site fully qualified animal physiotherapist.

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Consultation Times (by appointment only)

Monday – Friday 08:00 – 20:00
Saturday 09:00 – 12:00
Sunday 10:00 – 13:00


Mochdre Vets is the trading name for Heywood and Heywood Limited
and is registered in England and Wales. Registered Number 10654839.
Registered Office Williams House, Conway Road, Mochdre, Conwy.  LL28 5HE.