Mr jack has had 2 sessions of Reiki with Abbie. He has ‘behavioural issues’ and is often impatient and will occasionally ‘take off’ whilst being led from his field to his stable. He always seems to need something in his mouth... Rope, hay , fork handles, clothing or humans. During his first session I was with Abbie in his stable. For the first few minutes he was restless and trying to nip or turning round. However, after a few minutes he seemed to calm down and appeared quite relaxed. I definitely felt he was enjoying and accepting it. The second session I left Abbie to it just keeping an eye out from time to time. He was very calm and relaxed, almost asleep, with no hay needed. The session was almost an hour, and the majority of that time he was calm relaxed and obviously ‘accepting ‘ the treatment. Since then I do feel he is calmer overall. I will definitely pursue this therapy for him.