This is our Sprollie, Monty so a mad combination in itself and when we rescued him just over 11 years, he was completely uncontrollable. As he is ball mad we channelled his boundless energy into flyball which he loved and in 2011 we were VERY proud of him when he became a champion. He is now about 13½ but sadly 2½ years ago he broke one of his front legs which led to it being amputated nevertheless this has not stopped him running round playing ball, swimming and still being mad as a hatter hence his nickname “The Mad Moo”. Last Wednesday evening Monty Moo had a Reiki session with Abbie, we went in with an open mind as we didn’t know much about it. The setting was perfect with its subdued lighting, relaxing music and a squidgy bed or settee for Mont to choose from. He was fidgety and barky to start with and we were thinking this is not going to work but Abbie patiently persevered with her gentle touching.  Moo is the kind of dog that is always on the go and doesn’t have time to relax so we were shocked really when about ten minutes in, he settled and then not long after his eyes and head became heavy and he’d pretty much dozed off while Abbie carried on with the reiki around the whole of his body. Half way through he did get up for a drink but then shortly afterwards again he was back to being completely chilled and sleepy – I still can’t believe it now as Moo only sleeps because he has to in order to recharge for his next day capers and what mischief he can get into. When we left, Mont always barks with excitement when he gets in the van and then again when we arrive home but he was silent all the way, this is unheard of and we had to make sure he was ok. As we do with all of our gang, we give them a cuddle before going to bed, Moo didn’t even stir as he was still that chilled. He is back to his mad self however we are surprised by the affect it had on him. We are seriously considering of having a reiki session before we have to make that awful decision we all dread of letting one of our beloved four legged friends go to Rainbow Bridge as if it can work on Mont, it would be such a peaceful and relaxing way of letting them slip away. We would recommend to give reiki a go and enjoy the experience for both you and your four legged friend!