The saying is life in the old dog yet well how about life in the old cat yet!

Our November dental offer if going well but I think our biggest success story will be Angelica. Angelica came to us as a second opinion as she had a dental abscess that had stopped her eating but at 18 and a half it was recommended she just had antibiotics for the rest of her life. This obviously wasn’t ideal as certainly wouldn’t do anything for her pain. We discussed the anaesthetic risk with her mum and the things we could do to help support Angelica and tailor the protocol to her and her mum was keen. Angelica ended up having 5 teeth out not just the one that had caused the abscess. From our perspective Angelica was a fantastic patient and within an hour of waking up was already eating a bowl of food.


Our bespoke cat condos are designed to have the best comfort factor for cats and within a couple of hours Angelica had jumped up on one of the shelves and was happily grooming herself.

Angelica has been back for her post op checks and so far all is going well.  She has a great appetite and has even put on a little bit of weight so we are delighted.

Without a crystal ball we don’t know whats round the corner but even if it buys her 6 months thats the equivalent of 3 and a half years to us!   And most importantly we hope it will be a 3 and a half pain free years.

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