Earlier on this month Abbie followed Gwenan’s footsteps and went off to Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy training centre for some additional training. As a Registered Veterinary Nurse and Hydrotherapist, Abbie has to complete CPD (continuing professional development) each year to keep upto date with new information and ideas within the veterinary industry.

Abbie has already completed her certificate in hydrotherapy and the introduction to the aquatic treadmill which is 3 credits towards the hydrotherapy diploma.

Abbie went to study the Advanced hydrotherapy treadmill course which is another dipolma module and counts for 6 credits. The treadmill cases being something Abbie is particularly interested in, she couldn’t wait to learn some new knowledge and techniques to help our patients here at Mochdre Vets.

The course lasted for 2 days, the first day was mainly theory based and covered many topics including more in depth detail about how the water effects our patients, gait analysis, wound healing and pain.

The second day was more practical based where several different techniques that can be used on our patients whilst within the aquatic treadmill were discussed, explained and demonstrated.

Abbie then ran a session where she monitored the gait of the patient pre session, applied some of the new techniques, observed the effects and then re analysed the gait afterwards.

Now here’s where the real hard work begins… with 6 very large post course assignments to complete, Abbie can now apply all this lovely new knowledge and is aiming to complete them within the next month!

So you might come across Abbie having a play with the odd pool noodle, hair scrunchie or splashing about with the water!

Drum’s been a very good guinea pig and let his mum try some new techniques out!