Yogi here is an ex-racing greyhound who is now enjoying retirement!  After competing on the racing circuit for the first two years on his life he was on top form and winning. Yogi unfortunately broke his right hind limb ending his racing career. Luckily he was taken in by Hectors Greyhound Rescue and is able to enjoy himself now as a 6 year old without any known issues. Yogi’s owner attended our talk on keeping your dog agile and not fragile and noted she was unaware that there were so many preventative treatments we could use to help Yogi.

We discussed:

Often people think these treatments are only available or suitable for injured dogs and those needing rehabilitation after surgery. The truth is all these treatments are beneficial to your dog regardless of this. To keep your dog at its peak you could use a combination of the techniques listed above or even just one or two to help you dog go through the different stages of life and demands put on the body.

Yogi came for a physiotherapy session so his owner could learn a bit more about massage and perhaps practice this at home. What we found was that his old racing injury has caused compensatory effects on his muscle and range of movement. The real message is that although we might think our dogs are managing fine perhaps they could do more than manage and they could benefit from a touch of TLC to ensure they move and navigate daily life at optimum.

Looking at the picture below can you notice how the right hind has less muscle tone than the left?

Although this is only subtle it suggest this right limb isn’t working as efficiently as the left. This will put excess strain on the left hind limb, the spine and the left forelimb as often these issues will affect the diagonal limb. Can you see how he also has this right hind limb slightly more forward than the left? This suggests he is placing less weight through the right hind.

We also noted there was very minimal range of motion in his right hind and he was weary of this area being treated. Although day to day Yogi looks fine and that his old racing life is miles behind him when you look closer there are niggles still remaining. Lucky for Yogi his owner is now up to date on basic massage principles In the hope of managing any tension that might develop in later life.

If you want to learn more about preventative treatment and keeping your dog agile then ring the practice and book in for one of our rehabilitative services.

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