Some of you might have seen that we’re offering a first aid course at the practice.  In January we held our first session and thoroughly enjoyed it. We covered a range of issues that might occur when you’re out with your dog. Only 2 weeks after attending the course Rose Mack was called upon to help a dog in need!

After getting excited a client of her’s dog inhaled a whole gravy bone and started choking. The dog was getting stressed about the situation and started coughing. Thinking back to the course Rose remained calm and managed to pat under the ribs to encourage a coughing motion. After four attempts the bone, still complete, finally flew across the floor! Although the situation was still fresh in Rose’s memory the dog seemed to have forgotten the entire ordeal and ate his slightly soggy gravy bone like nothing happened.

You never know when you’ll be needed but at least Rose can feel more comfortable when situations like this occur.

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