It was a beautiful January day and rather than just a dog walk we thought we would go somewhere different and get photos so we decided to do the Buckley heritage tour. It took us about 25 minutes to drive to it

Flintshire Council – Buckley Heritage and Town Trail (external link)

As a dog walk it was fairly pleasant although there were a few areas by main roads so the boys went on their leads. There was a bit at the beginning which was a bit heart sinking as we came to a stile and thought we would have to lift super un slinky Bert over but thankfully someone had already cut a Bert sized hold out of the fence andhernia avoided. The rest of the stiles had dog friendly gates and made it easy. We didn’t see many other walkers but the ground was quite flat and the paths were really well sign posted and I think it would make a nice day trip for a family as the trail leads round and you have to find monuments to the heritage of Buckley although we didn’t see monument 3! If anyone does do this walk then the challenge is to send a photo of monument 3!

I would give it a three out of 5 paw rating , sadly the map we followed was a bit outdated and the pub en route we planned to stop at had closed down and was for sale so we missed out on a dog friendly pub lunch

Car Park

For more suggestions from Bert and Pedro on their favourite walks, cafes and pubs please see our other dog friendly walks.

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