Luci and Daisy
Thank you so much for Daisy's reiki session it was so good and really interesting.
She's been really good and she did seem sleepy a little bit earlier than normal last night. She hasn't been any hungrier which I'm really pleased about.
I've been a bit unwell so we didn't get to beach yesterday but today she really was as good as gold! We then came to Catherine's to look after Phoebe, Jazz and Buzz. Whilst I was in the garden I went to put the bins away, normally Daisy will either take the opportunity to get up to mischief or wait by the gate but today she went inside and settled down on the sofa!!
I'll definitely be bringing her in again for another session and I'll call next week to book her in.
Thank you so much and I hope Drum is doing really well and you have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes,
Luci and Daisy 🐶🌼😊xxx