Cristina and Baggio
Baggio is our 13 year old Staffy and the oldest member of the family. When he first met everyone at Mochdre vet, he couldn’t walk properly due to the pain on his joints. Soon after he finished his laser treatment we joined the health plan - he was one of the first members 😊! Since then (six months ago), Baggio started hydrotherapy, monthly had two health checkups with Sarah, who kindly designed and reviewed a medication plan, helping him to be pain-free! He also learned to swim really well with Abbie who was really patient around his determination of NOT TO SWIM - ahahah! I feel that offering his opportunity was the best thing we could do for Baggio at this stage of his life! He is happy - flee and warm free - pain managed - exercised and most importantly very well looked after and loved by the whole team!

Thank you all!

We hope that our experience may benefit others choosing to join the health plan! After six months within the plan I must say that this was the best choice we made for Baggio.