Pet Passports

Going on holiday without an important family member? You don’t have to leave your pet behind when travelling abroad.

At Mochdre Vets we can complete the required certificates for your cat, dog or ferret to have their own passport allowing them to travel with you without entering quarantine. Contact us today for further advice or to book an appointment.

What you need to know ….

Well with ‘Brexit’ under way this may change, but in July 2017 there is statement on the gov uk pet passport web-site stating ‘There will be no change to the rights and status of EU nationals living in the UK, nor UK nationals living in the EU, while the UK remains in the EU.’ – regardless of the future you should check the latest requirements on the UK Gov web-site but at the time of writing you can enter and return to the UK as long as it has all of the following …

  • a Pet Passport!
  • been Microchipped – a legal requirement for dogs even if you’re not travelling
  • has been vaccinated against rabies at least 3 weeks before travelling – and if you’re visiting an unlisted country you also need a blood test.  However as of November 2018 the recommendation is that in the event of a no deal brexit it is assumed pets will need to have had a rabies status titre and you need the blood test to be carried out a minimum of 30 days after any initial rabies vaccination and a minimum of three months before their travel date. This means that you will need to talk to your vet about health requirements in good time to make sure they are able to travel with their pet.  Please see RCVS page for more details.
  • dogs must have a tapeworm treatment
  • some countries have additional requirements – you MUST check the rules of the country you are visiting
  • ideally your pet will travel with you, but if for some reason this isn’t possible then they must travel within 5 days of you, otherwise you will have to follow additional rules – however your pet can travel with someone else as long as you have given written authorisation
  • you need to fill in a declaration confirming you do not plan on selling your pet
  • If you don’t follow these rules then your pet may end up in quarantine, not only stressful for your pet and you, but you will also be responsible for the fees in keeping them there.

So, before you go you need your vet to complete the following sections in your pets passport

  • details of ownership
  • description of animal
  • markings / id of animal
  • vaccination against rabies and rabies blood test if required
  • vet’s details
  • tapeworm treatment (if your pet is a dog)


If you are rescuing (or rehoming) an animal from another country there are additional rules which are more complex and we recommend you speak to a vet before going any further.


THESE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE REGULARLY CHANGING AS THE OWNER OF YOUR PET YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO ENSURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED. We will provide the services you request but are not responsible if you do not leave enough time or that the advice changes

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