Pre-Visit Checklist for Owners

Before your vet visit, make sure to gather the following:

  • List of Questions: Prepare any questions or concerns you have about your pet’s health or behavior.
  • List of Medications: Bring along a list of any medications your pet is currently taking.
  • Muzzle (if needed): Consider muzzle training if your pet may require a muzzle during the visit. Guide to muzzle training.
  • Short Lead: Use a short lead instead of a retractable one for better control.
  • Blanket or Familiar Item: Bring a blanket or something familiar that your pet often uses or lays on.
  • Food or Treats: If applicable, bring your pet’s favorite treats or food.
  • Photos or Videos: Provide any photos or videos of your pet displaying symptoms, if available.


How to Prepare for the Visit:

  • Stay Calm: Remember, your pet can pick up on your feelings too, so try to remain calm to help keep them at ease.
  • Safe Transportation: Ensure your pet is safely transported to the vet and is accustomed to the mode of transportation.
  • Stay in the Car if Preferred: If your pet is more comfortable waiting in the car, please notify us upon arrival. We’ll come out to you when ready, reducing stress, especially in busy waiting rooms. This also helps maintain a calm environment for other pets if your dog tends to vocalize.
  • Handling Preparation: Handling plays a significant role in examining your pet, so please get your pet used to being handled in areas such as paws, tail, ears, face, and body. Guide on handling your dog.

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