We are very proud to support Hectors Greyhound Rescue and think they do a great job working with rescue dogs. We quite often do work for them in terms of operations like neutering and dentals.  Both vets Lowri and Sarah have completed further learning to ensure that we offer the very best protocols when we operate on greyhounds.

There is a recognised condition in greyhounds called fibrinolytic syndrome. This is a condition where the dog can form a clot but it dissolves too quickly and the animal starts bleeding again.

Greyhounds have a higher tendency to develop delayed bleeding associated with minor procedures or trauma. The bleeding often occurs around 36 to 48 hours after the procedure or traumatic incident. We don’t know which greyhounds will be affected and clotting times before the op maybe normal . With this in mind as a precaution every greyhound we see we will be offering a treatment that will be given to every greyhound undergoing a procedure.

One particular dog that benefited from this was a greyhound called Gent . Gent had previously had a dental and had to be hospitalised for 24 hours afterwards as he kept bleeding. Gent has another condition commonly seen called hronic ulcerative paradental stomatitis (CUPS).  CUPS means Gent has a disease caused from a hypersensitivity to bacteria contained within the plaque which coats the teeth. In the case of CUPS, this hypersensitivity translates into a disease which requires aggressive treatment. It’s likely that CUPS is a highly under-diagnosed problem in dogs, especially greyhounds, since most veterinarians and adoption groups make the assumption that greyhounds just have bad teeth. This meant that Gent needed another dental and all his teeth out and we were well prepared.

This time Gent didn’t bleed and went home as normal – well after some chicken!

Above – Gent before his dental. You can see above his canine (the long tooth) areas of ulceration

Below is Gent after his dental, it is still quite gory but without the medication this would have been a lot worse.

About Hectors Greyhound Rescue

Hector’s Greyhound Rescue is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers who devote their time to saving and rehoming ex-racing Greyhounds, Lurchers and other Sighthounds.

If you can help this wonderful local charity then you can donate to them via their website or you can leave a donation at the practice and we will ensure they will receive it.  They also run many events throughout the year and are looking for volunteers.  Most of all there are many beautiful Greyhounds all looking for their forever home.